End of Week II: Revising Our Writing Borders


Same borders, but we’re “re-seeing” them, revising.
Image credit to Flickr.com.

Today we begin revising our writing borders. We’re familiar with the American-Academic English approach to writing, but based on today’s reading, Lisle and Mano pages 16-18, how do intercultural approaches differ?

Let’s brainstorm. Look back to the Lisle and Mano reading as well as the BAC chapter. Based on what you’ve read, write in your journals about what new writing approach you will take. Why are you taking this approach? To try a new style you find appealing? Or are you choosing a new writing organization/ style that might better serve the purpose of your argument?

We’ll discuss together and begin planning individually. But I’m wondering, will you go with the Chinese eight-legged essay? The Japanese ki-shoo-ten-ketsu? The Native American spider’s web? Impassioned Arabic poetics? Or the African Nommo?


About Jackie Hoermann-Elliott

Lecturer of Writing and Assistant Director of Composition Program Assessment at Texas Christian University.
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