Day 12: TRL! and Writing Lab Time

No, we’re not watching TRL in class today, it’s The Teaching Requests Live! with Ms. Hoermann Show. Contain your excitement. Or for you young things who still send me confused looks about what the original TRL Show is–or was on MTV–here’s a video to a link we won’t watch in class because quite frankly that would a long trip down memory lane that we don’t have time for:

Some of the requests from yesterday included hooks/ zingers, paraphrasing, MLA formatting, Word formatting, and block quotes. There’s no way we can get through all of that today, but here are some resources you can use today as well as access in the future:

-For hooks and zingers, my favorite resource will always be Zinsser’s “The Lead and The Ending,” but for quick references, check out these visuals from

Paraphrasing exercises for The Purdue OWL

The OWL is also a great reference for MLA Formatting. Check out the complete guide by clicking here.

For a step-by-step guide to setting up MLA Formatting in Word, click here. MLA has been around for a long time. For Laura and others interested in this organization, the style it dictates, and why English classrooms use it, click here to read about MLA’s foundations.

You can also find a helpful explanation of block quotations on The OWL’s website (click here), but you’ll have to look for it under the header of “Long Quotations.”

We’ll take more requests if we have time, but we’ve got a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started.


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