Below you’ll find helpful links to writing instruction sites and other information repositories that will aid you as you write.

Note: If you stumble across a site you found helpful, please share it in the comments section or send it to me.


Invention Template: Clustering

Invention Template: Looping

Invention Template: Storyboarding

Invention Template: The Toulmin Method

Other Invention Strategies

Thesis Help

Grammar, Mechanics, Style:

The Purdue OWL



Fragments and Run-On Sentences



Subject-Verb Agreement

“Skill-n-Drill” Quizzes (if those help you)

More Grammar Exercises



Introductions and Conclusions


Organizing Sentences Within Paragraphs


The OWL’s MLA Formatting Guide

Integrating Quotes

Video on In-Text Citations

Video on Works Cited Page

Plagiarism Bootcamp PowerPoint

Annotated Bibliographies

Paper Formatting:

Video on MLA Formatting

MLA Formatting Template

Video: How to Wrap Text Around an Image


ISU Library Guide

Revising and Editing: 

Differences Between Editing and Revising

Hierarchy of Concerns


Video: Real-World Writers on Revising

Public Speaking: 

How Stuff Works: 18 Public Speaking Tips

Video: How Not to Present

Video: Tutorial on PowerPoint Presentations



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