Tentative Schedule

NOTE: The schedule is subject to change and does not list all readings and shorter assignments.  Readings are to be completed before the class period for which they are listed.




June 10 Introductions, Course Policies, Notecards, Email  
June 11 Assign daily presentations,

Discuss literacy borders

Read Douglass, Anzaldua, Minh-Ha
June 12 In-class write: “Finding Our Borders” Autoethnography
June 13 Reflection,

Review of writing,


Introduce: “Exploring Our Borders” Research Essay

Write about one issue you care about in your journal, bring to class


June 14 Discuss reading,

Workshop time for writing and asking questions, learning about annotated bibliography

“Communicating Across Cultures” p. 182-186, 195-196
June 17 Writing lab work,

Introduction to the OWL and other online tools

Annotated Bibliography, organizational plan or outline
June 18 Class Presentations  
June 19 Peer conferencing,

Q&A time

June 20 Watch Writing Across Borders,



“Exploring Our Borders” Essay
June 21 What can you change? Brainstorming and Repurposing Read Lisle and Mano
June 24 Comparisons between “This I Believe” Essays on International Border Crossing, Journal reflections,

Take requests for final lessons

June 25 “Hierarchy of Concerns,”

Revision vs. editing,

Or Pen Pal Experiment,

Journal reflections,

Writing Lab Time

June 26 Closing reflection for journals

Peer Conferencing

Turn in journal, Bring in drafts
June 27 View “How Language Transformed Humanity,”

Discuss implications of a global approach to writing and communication.

Complete draft of “Revising Our Borders” essay
June 28 Final lessons,

Synthesis of learning,

Closing advice on college writing,



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